Bitsten Token ( BST )

Contract Address
Airdrop Total Amount
10,000.00 BST
Est price
0.00004000 ETH
Estimate in ETH
0.40000000 ETH
Max follower
100 Users
Estimate received
0.00400000 ETH
Bitsten Token, created to support the Bitsten Exchange project, and will be the largest exchange in Indonesia and Asia in the future, we use a very small fee and share the profit of the company to the token holder as a reward, for its contribution to transaction in Bitsten.
Step By Step Guide
-Follow Bitsten official twitter account
5 Point
-Retwet Bitsten official twitter account
5 Point
-Join the Telegram group of Bitsten
5 Point
-Follow Bitsten Token official twitter account
5 Point
-Join the Telegram group of Bitsten Token
5 Point
-Enter Bitsten ETH Address ( Must Bitsten ETH Address )
5 Point
Token numbers are proportional to your number of entries. Token numbers will be divided equally according to participants entries.
For example:
Your number of Point is 1% from Total Point, you will receive 1% of the 10,000.00 BST equal to 100.00000 BST.
The former will get airdrop in related accounts of wallet. The token is distributed within 7 days after Airdrop ends.
In order to prevent malicious billing, the project team and Bitsten Exchange have the final right to interpret this activity.