Home Digital Coin ( HDC )

Contract Address
Airdrop Total Amount
100.00000 HDC
Est price
0.03000000 ETH
Estimate in ETH
3.00000000 ETH
Max follower
1000 Users
Estimate received
0.00300000 ETH
Developer Social Media :
Home Digital Coin adalah aset digital yang memungkinkan untuk dilakukan penambangan oleh siapapun dimanapun dengan menggunakan teknologi masternode
Step By Step Guide
-Follow Bitsten official twitter account
5 Point
-Retwet Bitsten official twitter account
5 Point
-Join the Telegram group of Bitsten
5 Point
-Follow Home Digital Coin official twitter account
5 Point
-Join the Telegram group of Home Digital Coin
5 Point
-Enter Bitsten ETH Address ( Must Bitsten ETH Address )
5 Point
Token numbers are proportional to your number of entries. Token numbers will be divided equally according to participants entries.
For example:
Your number of Point is 1% from Total Point, you will receive 1% of the 100.00000 HDC equal to 1.00000000 HDC.
The former will get airdrop in related accounts of wallet. The token is distributed within 7 days after Airdrop ends.
In order to prevent malicious billing, the project team and Bitsten Exchange have the final right to interpret this activity.