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Asset Information

Asset Name KnoxsterChain
Trade Ticker KNCT
Logo Icon -
Asset Type -
Total Supply 8,000,000
Algorithm -
Contract Address 0xb5e62a10c362a479be1f629f01a7e8146ea7a748
Website https://knoxsterchain-project.com/
Explorer https://etherscan.io/token/0xb5e62a10c362a479be1f629f01a7e8146ea7a748
Telegram Group https://t.me/KnoxsterChain
Facebook -
Twitter https://twitter.com/chain_knoxster
Source Code https://etherscan.io/token/0xb5e62a10c362a479be1f629f01a7e8146ea7a748
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Coinmarketcap -

Asset Description

KnoxsterChain unlocks potentials in information technologies and blockchain solutions for financing and investment. We present an easily-navigable marketplace that supports new classes of real-world assets, notably exotic assets and product futures, much of which have been illiquid and/or indivisible.

Our unique auction method together with our innovative adoption of distributed ledger technology empowers fundraisers and investors with efficiency and robustness hitherto unseen.