Steneum Coin   Steneum is fully decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency designed to work as a unit of exchange without relying on a central server. Specification Algorithm                                : Scrypt Coin code       ...Read more
Hello Bitsten Community   We would like to say Thank you so much for your support to Bitsten and Steneum. We are not going to be this far without you all.   To spread out the community Bitsten is going to have Youtube Video Contest. We open an opportunity for you to promote Bitsten and Steneum. Youtube Video Contest: 1. Steneum and Bitsten Promotion Video 2. Minimum duration 60 seconds 3. Language: English 4. Registration and contest period : 5 August - 5 Se...Read more
Bitsten Referral Challenge   Bitsten is asking your help to expand the community by inviting you friends. Refer your friends and trading!   REFERRAL CONTEST PERIOD: 1-30 August 2018 WINNER : Highest Point on Referral WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: 1 September 2018 REWARD: 2 September 2018   Invite you friends trading on and grab your STN!   1. 10,000  2. 9,000  3. 8,000  4. 7,000  5. 6,000  6. 5,000  7. 4,000  8. 3,000  9. 2,000  10. 1,000    POINT ACCUMULATION:  ...Read more
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